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Pond Lining Film

These reservoirs and ponds are located in a variety of soil types which exhibit a wide range of seepage characteristics. Because of seepage, the water level of the reservoirs and tanks deplete rapidly. Seepage losses not only mean the loss of useful water but also lead to other problems such as a breach in the embankment, water logging and increased salinity in adjacent areas. With an appropriate lining of reservoirs, ponds, canals the seepage loss can be minimized. Lining film is a revolutionary concept in water management which dramatically reduces seepage loss at a reasonable cost.


  • Weather, Chemical and tear resistant
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Moisture proof
  • Excellent solderability
  • Seepage proofing performance and excellent separation.


  • Protects crops from awful climate conditions
  • The incidence of sickness and bugs is diminished or disposed of
  • Helps in conserving water.