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PP Bags

Manufactured using quality raw material, PP Woven bags are made in different sizes and according to different specifications to meet the varied needs of the clients. The bags have a stitched bottom, open mouth and are duly either laminated or non-laminated as per customer demands. Lamination bags help long durability of customer’s material. It is used in all kinds of bags like sugar bags, rice bags, fertilizers etc.

We specialise in the manufacturing of Valve type PP Woven Sacks and Bags, the most efficient method for filling of PP woven sacks. We manufacture PP Woven valve type bags of different dimensions and characteristics as per customer requirements. We have 87 looms to product fabrics and meet Customer demands timely. These bags are extensively used for packaging of the cement and other products. The material is directly filled to these bags by a hose and after the completion of filling the valve shuts automatically and providing a locking system. Our range of PP valve bags can endure high humidity, rain, sun during the storage, and less wastage during production and handling.

Since, PP woven bags / sacks are especially used for the packaging of fine grade (fine granules), pulverous & force flowing materials such as chemicals and fertilizers, animal feed, sugar, flour etc. these bags have an additional PE liner, which not only protects the products from external elements but also ensures complete safety against any sort of leakage and pilferage.


  • Much greater bursting strength
  • Better pest resistance
  • Resistance to tearing
  • Reusable
  • Properties do not degrade if wet
  • Can be air permeable and moisture, pollutants, bacteria, mildew and oil resistant
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Any customized size, colour and GSM
  • UV Protection from 200 to 1600 Hours
  • Printing upto 4 colors on each side with corona treatment
  • Option of Gusseted and/or micro-perforated
  • Option of loose or sewn liner on the top and bottom


  • Concrete materials, Cement and Chemicals
  • Resin, polymer, granules, PVC Compound, Master batches, carbon, etc.
  • Agriculture produce and farming products
  • Fertilizers, urea and other minerals
  • Sugar and Salt
  • Animal feeds and cattle feed stock
  • Seeds, spices and other agro products
  • Cashew nuts, dates and other nuts
  • Cement, gravel and other building materials
  • Different type of food grains